Losing your Marbles — fly fishing the Soča basin in Slovenia

Marie and I have just returned from a very enjoyable trip to Slovenia, including three days of excellent trout fishing. In this blog post, I’ll describe our fishing experiences and provide some practical information for those readers who might want to sample the delights of trout fishing in the Soča river basin of Slovenia.

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Tango and the Art of Wine Pairing

Trying to dance partnerless with just one left foot is like appreciating good food without wine. To get the most out of the multifaceted delicious food we eat today, a marriage with wine is essential— think dance—be it the slinky, exhilarating tango; sexy, slithering samba or just plain ol’ twisting in a ’60’s dance hall, a partner is needed, paid or unpaid.

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The REAL Sake101 – Demystifying sake for beginners

To the rest of world, sake is an alcoholic drink imbibed by many in the Far East, mostly in the company of good friends with food. It was discovered originally by the Chinese and introduced to Japan about 700 years later, where in the 3rd Century, Kuchikami Sake was first recorded. This mouth chewing sake consisted of rice, millet, chestnuts and acorns chewed by young maidens and spat into bowls and left to ferment. Sake certainly has evolved and refined immensely by the Japanese since.

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The Laksa Challenge

AhLai pack

Laksa is one of Malaysia’s favourite signature (soupy) comfort foods. Comprises of yellow wheat noodles and sometimes a little “hand-pull” of rice sticks in a big soup bowl garnished accordingly. Very localised and the thirteen states of Malaysia and, Singapore, will champion to prove their version is best. I consider the base as a soup not gravy. One slurps the last drops. 

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Saltwater Flats Fishing in Cuba – Return to Cayo Largo

Two with BoneJust after Easter, Marie and I returned to fish Cayo Largo in Cuba after having had such an exciting time two years ago. We enjoyed another great angling trip, albeit somewhat different compared to two years ago, which just shows the immense variety of the fishing here. So I thought I’d post another blog article on Cayo Largo to inform readers who are considering fishng there.

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Coyhaique – Trout Fishing Paradise in the Chilean Patagonia

Last week, Marie and I fished the Coyhaique area in the far Patagonian south of Chile – a veritable fly fishing paradise for those keen on wild brown and rainbow trout. We had a wonderful four days, fishing a wide range of waters and techniques, and catching a lot of fish on the fly in fantastic natural surroundings and scenery.

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